About me:

I grew up surrounded by nature in the very green - very wet - Pacific Northwest. From a young age my parents encouraged me to explore the natural world that surrounded our home. In the moment, I may not have appreciated every wet woods walk, every cold morning mushroom hunt, or going on hikes wondering if they’d ever end. I now look back on those memories with love for the sense of wonder they instilled in me.
I have a similar wonder for photography. I’ve always been fascinated with the mechanical side of cameras. As I got older, and spent some time in the dark room processing and printing film I realized that the magic of the photographic process intrigued me just as much as the mechanics of the camera itself. The way light can be manipulated and played with, sometimes producing duds, but other times producing simply brilliant end results! I end up working in digital more than anything else these days, but I still really love shooting film. I currently am based out of Portland, Oregon. If I’m not at work, or in the city, I’m probably escaping to explore nature with camera in hand.